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    Edizioni EL, Einaudi Ragazzi, Emme Edizioni, 2024

    Ladies and gentlemen, chrysalises and larvae, the insect concert is about to begin. What an emotion! It is the most awaited event on the lawn. A large crowd gathered under the stage. Snails shake their horns,spiders flap all eight legs, fleas jump, bees buzz, caterpillars can’t stand their skin anymore, a beetle has rolled over with joy…
    An illustrated book for children aged 5 and above. A story in 5 minutes for those who read capital letters and a short and simple text, perfect for first readings. And at the back of the book many pages to play with the story.

    Author: Giuditta Campello
    Recommended reading age: from 5.
    Languages: Italian.
    ISBN: 978-8829605330

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