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    Lavieri, 2022

    One day a foreigner arrived in the city.
    He wore a black hat and carried an old suitcase.
    At first he was scary, but he began to do magic and when I met him I fell in love with him.

    Foreigners can bring distrust, imagine when it comes to a shady cat with a top hat and a big suitcase. But what happens if the stranger, Magic after magic, starts giving gifts and remains without anything?

    A simple story that reveals a little big secret about gifts and life.

    Recommended reading age: from 3.
    Languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Russian.

    Editions123soleil: Achète-le
    Amazon: Achète-le
    ISBN: ‎ 978-2384530625

    Picarona: Cómpralo
    Amazon: Cómpralo
    ISBN: 978-8491456995

    Coming Soon!