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    (THE ROLL)

    Edizioni EL, Einaudi Ragazzi, Emme Edizioni, 2021

    A mysterious object captures the curiosity of the animals of the woods, stirring their imagination.
    What could it be? A bandage for the head? The tail of a kite?  Or a game to have fun with all together?
    A story about friendship, sharing, creativity and recycling.

    Recommended reading age: from 3.
    Languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
    ISBN: 978-8829601660

    Editions123soleil: Achète-le
    Amazon: Achète-le
    ISBN: 978-2359908428

    Picarona: Cómpralo
    Amazon: Cómpralo
    ISBN: 978-8491456001

    Almadoslivros: Compre
    Bookstore: Compre
    Amazon: Compre
    ISBN: 978-9895701599