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    NubeOcho, 2024

    Clementine has just been born and doesn’t know what or who she is. Is she a star? After all, she has light just like them. Clementine doesn’t know what animal she is, she was just born and there is no one like her around. She meets Cricket and Moth, who explain that she is an insect, but they don’t remember which one. She thinks she might be a star because she has light, like the ones they see in the sky. That very same night, a little girl leaves her house to chase the small lights that illuminate the forest.
    They will meet and become friends. Will the girl be able to help Clementine understand who she is?

    Recommended reading age: from 3.
    Languages: Italian, Spanish, Catalan, English.

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    ISBN: 978-8410074422

    Amazon: Cómpralo
    ISBN: 978-8410074408

    Amazon: Compra-ho
    ISBN: ‎ 978-8410074415